Fumarool 23/4 – 26/4/2018

The Easter break is a few weeks behind us so the real studying has begun. However, one extra week wouldn’t hurt since this week is the new praesidium’s campaign week. A week filled with exciting activities around the theme of shtones.

Monday 23/04
Stonehenge is probably the most famous collection of standing stones in the entire world. Therefore we will honour them by singing and drinking in their name at the Stonhenge Cantus. It will be in the Zamo with the doors opening at 20:00. More info

Tuesday 24/04
Baseball is a very fun sport in itself but what makes it even more entertaining is the addition of flavoured gin! We will be playing, and probably winning, against the biologystudents from Bios on the field in front of the Arenberg Castle from 18:30 onwards.  One can sign up by using this link. More info

Wednesday 25/04
The tiring game from Tuesday must be compensated by a relaxing evening of board games and other miscellaneous games. A collection of more than five different games can be played. Whether one is competitive or not, one guarantee is that the evening will be fun. It will take place somewhere in the 200E starting at 20:00. More info

Thursday 26/04
Everyone loves having something sweet once in a while. Therefore, we have a whole selection of at least seven different desserts on hand ready to be eaten. They will be sold at democratic prices on the field in front of the 200K from 12:00 – 14:00. More info

A campaign week is not done unless there is a party at the end. A party themed around shtones, what more does one want? The secret password is ‘Ein Shöne Stein’ with everyone welcome from 22 o’clock onwards. More info

Alexander Clark, Geos secretary candidate