Fumarole 24/09 – 27/09/2018

A new academic year has started after such a warm and dry summer. Autumn brings lessons, rain and new eager geologists ready to start. The new Geos praesidium ‘Ein-Stein’ is ready to provide distraction from the tiring student life.

Monday 24 September
The tradition of welcoming the new first years with open arms at the field besides the 200K will continue, where everyone is welcome from 13:30 onwards.

Tuesday 25 September
A game centred around the Oude Markt should allow the first years to discover Leuven for themselves. The schachtenmeesters need your help to man a few cafés/checkpoints and to come up with a task. If the first years execute this task correctly they are allowed to continue to the next café/checkpoint. Is there nothing better than spending an evening at a café where you get to know the first years just that bit better?

Thursday 27 September
After three months of summer it can be difficult to know who or what you are. Discover your true identity below the Alma 3 from 22:00 onwards and win fantastic prizes! Beer and cocktails will definitely be present besides possible bananas, sticks, stones and the fabled new first years.
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CuDi opening times:
24/09 – 11:15-13:45
26/09 – 10:30-13:30
27/09 – 11:00-14:00
28/09 – 12:00-16:00

Membership sale
25/09 – 13:00-14:00
26/09 – 13:00-14:00
27/09 – 12:00-13:00

Alexander Clark, Secretary Geos