Fumarole 22/10 – 25/10/2018

After a small but cozy Geos weekend it’s time to get active again, the 24 hour run and initiations are here! New tarmac has even been poured next to the new gymnasium, perfect for anyone who wants to run or just support Atmosphere.

Tuesday – 23 October

‘The sphere is strong with this one’ as Yoda once eloquently spoke. This year Atmosphere is Star Wars themed and we shall reach the 10th place! The location is as always the University Sports Centre with the start shot at 20:00.

Thursday – 23 October

For all those who have gone through the initiation, it is that time again. The physical initiation starts at 18:00 at the 200E, all who have been initiated to see the newbies are welcome.

The Initiationcantus will take place at the ZaMo with the Io Vivat at 21:00. This is free but only for initiated.


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos