Fumarole 12/11 – 15/11/2018

Since my last weather forecast was wrong I shall not do one this week. This week Geos does not have much to do, but the Faculty, Group W&T and Scientica are hosting the Go Global week. This week focuses on going international and is for everyone who wants to go on Erasmus or on international internships. There is also the Bloedserieusweek, where you can give blood that saves lives. A calendar for the Lustrumweek, already in two weeks!, is also attached.

Monday 13 November

It will probably be cold and rainy today, of that I am almost certain. Perfect weather to enjoy delicious, hot pumpkin or peasoup at reasonable prices. Everyone who comes by can also get free drinks for the TD on Thursday! Seems like a no brainer to come by the field next to the 200L.

Thursday 15 November

Are you possibly interested in going on an Erasmus or have no idea what the word means? Then this infosession is perfect for you. All the information you need about scholarships, possible countries you can go to and other student experiences will be given to you. Location is 01.03 in the MTC, it will be indicated, from 18:30 onwards. Hereafter there will be an infomarket with explanation from different, specific countries.

This evening there will be a fantastic TD where you can meet other internationals, Belgians and (future) erasmussers from the many different student organisations that are attending. It’s even free entry until 23:00! A party not worth missing.


This year Geos is turning 55 and we will celebrate that with a lustrum week, which is already in three weeks! Don’t forget that with a few activities you need to register.


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos