Fumarole 26/11 – 29/11-2018

After a very successful Lustrum week it isn’t yet time to take it easy as there still are plenty of activities happening this week! All the food from Tuesday and Friday can be eliminated on Monday with a sportive activity and afterwards by partying. Meetings are also this week. Definitely a divers program this week.

Monday 26 November

It’s time for the Sport of the Month. Since it is getting quite cold it is time to go inside and play Badminton. Entry is completely free with a sports-card, handy tip; take any rackets or plumes you have at kot/home. Sportkot can apparently run better than us but they can’t play badminton!

Location and time; Building De Nayer at 19:00


After a sportive early evening it’s time to use the same muscles for something else, namely to drink! The second Scienticafé is here, this time the Kringenzuip (or Association Drink). Everyone is definitely welcome to show off that the geologists are the best drinkers, non-alcoholic drinks are also counted. So there is no excuse to have a fun evening with our fellow scientists. There will also be a limited amount of fried snacks so be there early.

Location and time; ‘t ElixIr from 22:00 onwards


Thursday 29 November

The second AV (or General Meeting) of the year is here. This one will be short but very important. Everyone is welcome to come.

Location and time; 200E 01.209 at 20:00


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos