Fumarole 04 – 24/10/2022

Dear geologists 

After two nights of sleeping in a small dormitory with 25 other geologists and listening to the wonderful snoring of some of them, it took me a while to recover. But after a night’s sleep and some reminiscing about a fantastic weekend, we are ready for a new week that will be especially stressful for our sportspraeses 

– Tuesday-Wednesday 25-26/10 20:00: 24-hour run https://www.facebook.com/events/638658797884929/
Yay it’s finally here, the biggest sporting event of the year is here again. After weeks of training, sports enthusiasts can finally show what they have been running for every Tuesday and Thursday. Come run or support so we will definitely do better than last year! 

– Thursday 27/10 Start baptism week: https://www.facebook.com/events/1332146360924860
The 24-hour run naturally accompanies the start of baptism week. Due to the rather poor location of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day, it will look a bit different in terms of dates. So starting now, we will do the dirty baptism right away. Will our shafts be able to win with Merkator’s Thick Berta this year? Let us hope so. After this activity, we can once again fraternise with Merkator at their doopparty. 

One week on: Thursday 03/11 Doopcantus: https://www.facebook.com/events/1255081348401980/
Traditionally, we end baptism week with a cantus. The shafts will now be officially baptised and everyone can be there at this happy event. You can register via the following link: https://forms.gle/1EmLmeSV2ctquceH7 

CuDi opening hours: 

di 25 oktober do 27 oktober vr 28 oktober 
10:00   Open   
11:00 Open Open   
12:00 Open Open Open 
13:00 Open Open Open 

And then this wonderful aphorism: 

“Enough bla, bla … when boom, boom?” by M.S. 

See you next week x 

Wout Pauwels