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Fumarole 26/11 – 29/11-2018

After a very successful Lustrum week it isn’t yet time to take it easy as there still are plenty of activities happening this week! All the food from Tuesday and Friday can be eliminated on Monday with a sportive activity and afterwards by partying. Meetings are also this week. Definitely a divers program this week.

Monday 26 November

It’s time for the Sport of the Month. Since it is getting quite cold it is time to go inside and play Badminton. Entry is completely free with a sports-card, handy tip; take any rackets or plumes you have at kot/home. Sportkot can apparently run better than us but they can’t play badminton!

Location and time; Building De Nayer at 19:00


After a sportive early evening it’s time to use the same muscles for something else, namely to drink! The second Scienticafé is here, this time the Kringenzuip (or Association Drink). Everyone is definitely welcome to show off that the geologists are the best drinkers, non-alcoholic drinks are also counted. So there is no excuse to have a fun evening with our fellow scientists. There will also be a limited amount of fried snacks so be there early.

Location and time; ‘t ElixIr from 22:00 onwards


Thursday 29 November

The second AV (or General Meeting) of the year is here. This one will be short but very important. Everyone is welcome to come.

Location and time; 200E 01.209 at 20:00


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos

Fumarole 19/11 – 24/11/2018

The long wait is finally over, Geos Lustrumweek is here! Get ready for a week of activities brought to you by a very enthusiastic praesidium. Here is an overview of the whole week that begins exactly 55 days after the start of the academic year, it’s as if we planned it all along.

Monday 19 November

The week starts with a Lustrumcantus. The theme is what your plans are to do by the time you are 55. Another Geos lustrumweek is definitely one of mine! Geos members are always welcome, so no worries if you didn’t sign up.

Location and time: ZaMo, 20:00 doors open, 20:30 Io Vivat

Tuesday 20 November

A Lustrum lunch will be organised for all those hungry after a probably very fun and possibly heavy cantus yesterday. You can choose from a wide range of foods for a symbolic euro. Why don’t you come by in the Geogang between 12:00-14:00, sit in the red couches and enjoy?

For those who don’t have much luck in the real world can always try their luck in the Casino. Therefore we are organising a Casino Night with a fancy dresscode. The local Geological mafia will definitely come and make the evening a fun night for all.

(Disclaimer: the mafia only exists to bring joy)

Location and time: 200E, 20:00

Wednesday 21 November

Everyone has heard of Disney on Ice but nothing is so graceful as Geos on Ice! Come one come all to the Ice Rink in Haasrode, entrance is free for members, you can sign up through the event. We will meet up near the 200E for those who don’t know the way.

Thursday 22 November

Lately it’s almost cold enough to announce another glaciation. Therefore we are transforming the Albatros in theme with the Ice Age with a lot of promo’s, free entry for Geos members and a Snowmachine! Definitely worth coming by and warming the place up to the current, due to climate change warm temperature.

Friday 23 November

In honour of our 55 years we will look back at the past five years. There will be nostalgic mementos on display, such as T-shirts, hoodies but also Cleavage-editions and just like last lustrum a special Lustrum-beer. If you have any pictures from the past five years you can definitely mail them to us. You can sign up via the link in the event, the reception begins at 19:00.

Saturday 24 November

A lustrum week is not complete without a Lustrum excursion, in cooperation with the 40-years B.V.L.G. We will go to the new Famenne-Ardenne Geopark under guidance of Prof. Vincent Hallet of the UNamur.

Departure is at 8:30 sharp from the Geo-Institute on the Heverlee Campus and return is expected to be around 18:30.


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos

Fumarole 12/11 – 15/11/2018

Since my last weather forecast was wrong I shall not do one this week. This week Geos does not have much to do, but the Faculty, Group W&T and Scientica are hosting the Go Global week. This week focuses on going international and is for everyone who wants to go on Erasmus or on international internships. There is also the Bloedserieusweek, where you can give blood that saves lives. A calendar for the Lustrumweek, already in two weeks!, is also attached.

Monday 13 November

It will probably be cold and rainy today, of that I am almost certain. Perfect weather to enjoy delicious, hot pumpkin or peasoup at reasonable prices. Everyone who comes by can also get free drinks for the TD on Thursday! Seems like a no brainer to come by the field next to the 200L.

Thursday 15 November

Are you possibly interested in going on an Erasmus or have no idea what the word means? Then this infosession is perfect for you. All the information you need about scholarships, possible countries you can go to and other student experiences will be given to you. Location is 01.03 in the MTC, it will be indicated, from 18:30 onwards. Hereafter there will be an infomarket with explanation from different, specific countries.

This evening there will be a fantastic TD where you can meet other internationals, Belgians and (future) erasmussers from the many different student organisations that are attending. It’s even free entry until 23:00! A party not worth missing.


This year Geos is turning 55 and we will celebrate that with a lustrum week, which is already in three weeks! Don’t forget that with a few activities you need to register.


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos

Fumarole 5/11 – 8/11/2018

The weather has taken a turn for the worst and thinks that it’s Halloween this week, with wind, cold and rain. The only option is to haunt this week with a party and a cantus.

Monday 5 November

Today is the yearly tradition of the Fraternisation party between Geos and Merkator. Maybe we can haunt the weather by joining with the weathermen (aka geographers) to still have a bit of warmth. Dressing-up as a real haunted monster is highly recommended.

Location and time: Alma 3 at 22 o’clock

Tuesday 6 November

Congratulations to all that obtained a ticket to the Massacantus der Heverleese Kringen. It will be a magical evening. Curtains will open at 18:00 on the grassy field in front of the Alma 3.

This year Geos is turning 55 and we will celebrate that with a lustrum week, which is already in three weeks! Don’t forget that with a few activities you need to register.


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos

Fumarole 29/10 – 31/10/2018

After a tiring but successful week, 8th place at the 24-hour run with Atmosphere!!!, it’s time to take an extended weekend. But not before a few fun and useful activities this week.

Monday 29 October

It’s time to test your random knowledge and to see which year is the smartest with the Geos Closed Quiz! Quickly prepare by going through your ‘Earth: Portrait of a Planet’ and pocket Encyclopaedia. The place to be is 200C at 20:00.

Tuesday 30 October

The POC Geology needs your input about a few very important topics! Therefore they have organised a free! educational lunch with pancakes. Everyone is welcome from 12:00 onwards in the back of the Geogang.

Wednesday 31 October

On Halloween eve the geologists are going for a scare again with the traditional Alumnicantus and seeing the older geologists again. Everyone of young and old are welcome in our trusted cantusroom the ZaMo from 20:00 onwards, with Io Vivat at 20:30.


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos

Fumarole 22/10 – 25/10/2018

After a small but cozy Geos weekend it’s time to get active again, the 24 hour run and initiations are here! New tarmac has even been poured next to the new gymnasium, perfect for anyone who wants to run or just support Atmosphere.

Tuesday – 23 October

‘The sphere is strong with this one’ as Yoda once eloquently spoke. This year Atmosphere is Star Wars themed and we shall reach the 10th place! The location is as always the University Sports Centre with the start shot at 20:00.

Thursday – 23 October

For all those who have gone through the initiation, it is that time again. The physical initiation starts at 18:00 at the 200E, all who have been initiated to see the newbies are welcome.

The Initiationcantus will take place at the ZaMo with the Io Vivat at 21:00. This is free but only for initiated.


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos

Fumarole 15/10 – 19/10/2018

After the focus on the Belgian elections where I as a foreigner don’t understand anything about, is it time to think about Leuven again. Especially now that the semester is starting to pick up its pace with a full week. Don’t forget to sign up for the awesome Geos weekend, the deadline is Tuesday the 16th of October! Meer information can be found as an attachment.

Monday 15 October

Do you not have anything to do during the lesson free week in February? Do you miss the snow that doesn’t seem to want to fall in Leuven? Then the Scientica Ski trip is right up your street! Tonight there is an info session at 19:00 in the Scientica room where anything about the ski trip will be given.

After obtaining enough information about the Ski trip it’s time to have the very first International pre-drink before the first Scienticafé of the year. Every pirate and landlubber are welcome at the Yellow House at 21:00 or in ‘t Elixir at 22:00.

Tuesday 16 October

Even though there aren’t too many first years this year they’re all very excited to be given a Peter or Meter. Everyone is welcome at the Alma 3 at 20:00 to help the first years with their difficult first semesters.

Thursday 18 October

A good warm-up for the Geos Weekend (definitely sign up!) is playing Kubb at the Baarr. We will start from 18:00 until whenever the Baarr closes, which should be common knowledge by now.

Friday 19 October

The best weekend of the semester, no year, is here. As an attachment is the updated version of the invitation with everything you need to know. Be there or be on Environmental Change excursion :’(.


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos

Fumarole 8/10 – 11/10/2018

The weather is changing as rapidly as Prime Minister May her hips when she tries to perform moves that resemble dancing. Just like her we will be moving a lot this week, with quite a few sportive activities planned.

Monday 8 October

A new concept, ‘Sport of the month’, is being launched today. The first month will be tennis, under the guidance of two experienced tennis geologists. Everyone who is interested is welcome from 19 o’clock at the tennis fields next to building De Nayer. The signup link and event are found here:

To who would rather be training for the 24-hour run, these are also happening today. These will start at 19 o’clock at the athletics track.

Wednesday 10 October

Only by regularly running can one’s fitness improve. Therefore, there is another training at the same place and time as on Monday.

Geos weekend

Are you not yet signed up to the Geos weekend? What are you waiting for, sign up! Not sure what the weekend entails? The updated invitation is attached to this mail. Be there or on Environmental Change excursion :’(.


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos

Fumarole 1/10 – 4/10/2018

After a week of getting to know all the newcomers another week is around the corner. Going to a café, the awesome party or just going to class is tiring for everyone. Therefore culture has provided the perfect activity to get you back going again.

Monday 1 October

For the second time this year the first of the month is on a Monday! This sort of sorcery causes the werewolves to begin their hunt. Everyone is invited to find the werewolves in the Geogang or with warmer weather the Geogarden. Given the recent cold snap warm clothes and blankets are recommended.

Tuesday 2 October

Geos is having its first AV (general meeting) of the year where everyone is invited. Check the Geos Facebook group for more information.

CuDi Opening Times

1/10 – 12:30-13:30

2/10 – 12:30-14:30

3/10 – 12:00-13:00

4/10 – 13:00-14:00

5/10 – 12:30-15:30


Alexander Clark

Secretary Geos

Fumarole 24/09 – 27/09/2018

A new academic year has started after such a warm and dry summer. Autumn brings lessons, rain and new eager geologists ready to start. The new Geos praesidium ‘Ein-Stein’ is ready to provide distraction from the tiring student life.

Monday 24 September
The tradition of welcoming the new first years with open arms at the field besides the 200K will continue, where everyone is welcome from 13:30 onwards.

Tuesday 25 September
A game centred around the Oude Markt should allow the first years to discover Leuven for themselves. The schachtenmeesters need your help to man a few cafés/checkpoints and to come up with a task. If the first years execute this task correctly they are allowed to continue to the next café/checkpoint. Is there nothing better than spending an evening at a café where you get to know the first years just that bit better?

Thursday 27 September
After three months of summer it can be difficult to know who or what you are. Discover your true identity below the Alma 3 from 22:00 onwards and win fantastic prizes! Beer and cocktails will definitely be present besides possible bananas, sticks, stones and the fabled new first years.
More info

CuDi opening times:
24/09 – 11:15-13:45
26/09 – 10:30-13:30
27/09 – 11:00-14:00
28/09 – 12:00-16:00

Membership sale
25/09 – 13:00-14:00
26/09 – 13:00-14:00
27/09 – 12:00-13:00

Alexander Clark, Secretary Geos

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