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Fumarole 06-31/10/2022

Dear geologists 

Yesyesyes it just happened, we beat Wina!!!! We could only hope it in our wildest dreams but luckily most dreams are not a lie because when I woke up we were already 12 tours ahead. And yes at the end there were even 19! Thanks for this to all the amazing runners, supporters and sports pros. More joy this week, 2 holidays and the first geos cantus of the academic year, which by the way is already sold out immediately(yes, you read this correctly). 

-Thursday 03/11 20:30 Christening cantus: https://www.facebook.com/events/1255081348401980
After a whole week of having to complete assignments, it is finally time to have our shafts officially baptised. And what better way to do this than with a cantus. The cantus itself is unfortunately already full but you can still put yourself on the waiting list by filling in the registration link yet, provided you still feel like coming.For the lucky ones who managed to secure a place, the cantus is to be held in the Pavo.

Further activities: 

– Saturday 05/11 14:00 Autumn Hike(Scientica):  https://www.facebook.com/events/814627552917966
Now that the leaves are falling from the trees and the thick layer of humus is forming, we think it’s the perfect time to introduce you to Belgian nature! From the many mushrooms appearing out of nowhere to the birds arriving and leaving, nothing is more beautiful than the forests preparing for Belgian winter. Be there on 5 November! After the walk, you can still enjoy a hot chocolate Hope to see you then!

– Tuesday 08/11 19:30 Whisky tasting:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1216704212275459
The Geos whisky tasting is coming up again. Let your taste buds do their work and your throat burn by enjoying some whiskies from the top cask. All this with a snack in between and expert explanations. Registration is possible via the following link until 06/11: https://forms.gle/rC52GrDiGzyaB2x2A
lease note! Only 30 places are available.

!Message of public benefit!
The fluorescent caps can be collected this week on Mondays and Thursdays between 10h45 and 14h in the Geogang from Hanne. If you don’t find her, feel free to send a message!

CuDi opening hours

do 3 novembervr 4 november

And to conclude this. Having received comments about there not yet being a West Flemish spell, voici
(Good luck with translating😉) 
“Je zi schone va verre ma verre va schone” by A.F. 

See you next week x

Fumarole 04 – 24/10/2022

Dear geologists 

After two nights of sleeping in a small dormitory with 25 other geologists and listening to the wonderful snoring of some of them, it took me a while to recover. But after a night’s sleep and some reminiscing about a fantastic weekend, we are ready for a new week that will be especially stressful for our sportspraeses 

– Tuesday-Wednesday 25-26/10 20:00: 24-hour run https://www.facebook.com/events/638658797884929/
Yay it’s finally here, the biggest sporting event of the year is here again. After weeks of training, sports enthusiasts can finally show what they have been running for every Tuesday and Thursday. Come run or support so we will definitely do better than last year! 

– Thursday 27/10 Start baptism week: https://www.facebook.com/events/1332146360924860
The 24-hour run naturally accompanies the start of baptism week. Due to the rather poor location of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day, it will look a bit different in terms of dates. So starting now, we will do the dirty baptism right away. Will our shafts be able to win with Merkator’s Thick Berta this year? Let us hope so. After this activity, we can once again fraternise with Merkator at their doopparty. 

One week on: Thursday 03/11 Doopcantus: https://www.facebook.com/events/1255081348401980/
Traditionally, we end baptism week with a cantus. The shafts will now be officially baptised and everyone can be there at this happy event. You can register via the following link: https://forms.gle/1EmLmeSV2ctquceH7 

CuDi opening hours: 

di 25 oktober do 27 oktober vr 28 oktober 
10:00   Open   
11:00 Open Open   
12:00 Open Open Open 
13:00 Open Open Open 

And then this wonderful aphorism: 

“Enough bla, bla … when boom, boom?” by M.S. 

See you next week x 

Wout Pauwels

Bericht aan onze alumni!

⚠️Berichtje aan onze Alumni⚠️

Hey iedereen!

Het nieuwe academiejaar is weer van start gegaan. Jammergenoeg betekent dit ook dat het laatste jaar van Geos begonnen is… Voor een laatste keer organiseren we onze activiteiten dus SAVE THE DATE:

– 25/11 Alumnicantus: https://fb.me/e/4MYSn3xYR

– 13/12 Kerstfeestje

We organiseren natuurlijk nog heel wat andere activiteiten, kom zeker af! De kalender vind je op de site/op onze Facebookpagina.

Daarnaast hebben we een werkgroep opgestart die activiteiten zal organiseren om het laatste jaar waardig af te sluiten, want geef toe, zo’n geweldige studentenvereniging verdient dit toch? We zijn nog op zoek naar alumni die hier hun steentje aan willen bijdragen. DUS: voel je je geroepen? Stuur ons een berichtje! Heb je een keicool idee? Stuur ons een berichtje!

Verspreid dit bericht zoveel mogelijk onder je oud-studiegenoten. Zo weet iedereen dat ze dit jaar Geos extra in het oog moeten houden.

Tot de volgende!

Trilobeat it ~ Praesidium Geos 2022 – 2023

Tijdschrift Mineralogische Kring Antwerpen

Beste student

Geologie of geografie is je ding ? Dan heb je beslist ook belangstelling voor mineralogie ?

Allicht is MKA, Mineralogische Kring Antwerpen, voor jouw dan geen onbekende ? (Indien wel ontdek MKA dan op :  https://minerant.org/MKA/index.html)

Tof nieuws want :
De Mineralogische Kring Antwerpen biedt studenten geologie een gratis pdf-abonnement aan op haar tijdschrift “Geonieuws”.

Voorwaarden zijn :

  • voor persoonlijk gebruik
  • jaarlijks hernieuwbaar bij begin van het academiejaar zolang je student bent
  • registratie met het formulier : https://minerant.org/MKA/student.html
  • gebruikersnaam en paswoord zijn strikt persoonlijk

Na registratie ontvang je een e-mail met een voorlopig paswoord dat je naar goeddunken kan wijzigen.

We houden je dan maandelijks op de hoogte als het nieuwe tijdschrift op de website gepubliceerd is. Wat verschijnt er zoal in Geonieuws ? zie vb : https://www.minerant.org/GNoverzicht/GN-jaaroverzicht.html
en de index van de voorbije 47 jaar : https://www.minerant.org/GNoverzicht/GN-index.html

Veel leesgenot !

Meer info ? contacteer mka@minerant.org.

Vriendelijke groeten

Fumarole 03 – 17/10/2022

Dear geologists, 

Yet another week is upon us, and that means another one is done. And from the one that is done, we can once again conclude that Geos can cantus a lot better than Merkator. The coming week looks very good with two top activities and the last sporting tasks. 

– Monday 17/10 19:45 Peter and meter evening: https://www.facebook.com/events/508705174597940
The evening where all the years come together once again is coming up. You can get to know the freshmen and finally know when a Walloon bike shop is actually open. So be sure to come down to the geogang by 19:45. By the way, there will also be a group photo taken with all the years together! 

– Tuesday 18/10 18:30 Running training Atmosphere https://www.facebook.com/events/773139630609009/
One more week and the 24-hour run is coming up again. Everyone should be in perfect shape by now and who knows, maybe we can beat Wina this year. You can still run at your own pace. 

– Thursday 20/10 18:30 Running training Atmosphere https://www.facebook.com/events/773139630609009/
All sporting songs come to an end, and so do the running training sessions. Those who have not yet been able to show that they are in the shape of their lives have one last chance to do so. Come and join the team because there is atmosphere at atmosphere!
If you are sure you want to join us for a tour, then be sure to check out the following facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/950389902207235

– Friday 21/10 17:50 Geosweekend https://www.facebook.com/events/551884176617592/
Finally! The coolest weekend of the entire year is here again. And you can still be there! Register now and join us for a luxury weekend in the Kempen with an overnight stay in the cosy and (hopefully) warm shelter. Highlights are of course the excursion to the Ardennes, Félix’s barbecue skills and the subsequent cantus. Surely you can’t miss this! 

Opening hours CuDi: 

ma 17 oktoberdi 18 oktoberdo 20 oktobervr 21 oktober
10:00  Open 
11:00 OpenOpen 

And then a closing aphorism: 

“Als ge de vader wilt beminnen, moet ge met de dochter beginnen”  

See you next week 

Wout Pauwels

Fumarole 02 – 20/20/2022

Dear Geologists

The second week of the year is over and we are starting to get used to student life a bit again. Having just survived last week’s brewery visit and fakbar tour, a quieter week is really coming. Although the sporty ones can start enjoying themselves again. 

– Monday 10/10 22:00 Scienticafé: https://www.facebook.com/events/1236329300492344s

Are you curious to know how our fellow scientists and geographers are doing these days. Then be sure to drop by t’elixlr! To make you forget the autumn feeling for a while, they are organizing it in summer style this year. (With mojitos for only 2.20euros😯😋) 

– Tuesday 11/10 18:30 Run training Atmosphere: https://www.facebook.com/events/773139630609009/

The 24-hour run is getting closer and closer and so the training sessions keep piling up. I did get word from our sportspraeses that no geologist was present at the running training sessions last week. Therefore, I suggest that perhaps one person might still want to sacrifice themselves to go for a bit of sports training. You might even get a kiss from Robbe as a reward😘

– Thursday 13/10 18:30 Running Training Atmosphere: https://www.facebook.com/events/773139630609009/
Hopefully Tuesday’s one victim did not suffer too harsh a trauma from Robbe’s kiss and will just come back, because yes you read correctly there is another running training session. If you feel inclined to join the training, be sure to come off. (You can run at your own pace) 

A word about further activities: 

– Monday 17/10 19:45 Peter-meter evening: https://www.facebook.com/events/508705174597940
Dear godmothers and godfathers, you are welcome together with your new children to make it another fun evening. If you are curious what your future godson or godmother is dressed up in and what vague answers were given to the questionnaire come down to the geogang by 19:45. Why this odd hour? Well, this is also the perfect time to take a new group photo with all the geologists. 

– 21/10 – 23/10 Geos weekend: https://www.facebook.com/events/551884176617592/

The best weekend of the year is coming up again and finally this one can take place on location. Namely, we will be spending the night in the historical capital of the Kempen region, Herentals. Apart from the unique opportunity to have spent the night in Hertals, this will of course be followed by an excursion to the Ardennes where, as freshmen, we all got to hit the rocks with a hammer for the first time. So well worth coming, especially if you know that we will end that day with a cantus. You can register via the link in the event or via the one in the letter(see attachment) 

Here are the CuDi’s opening hours: 

ma 10 oktober di 11 oktober wo 12 oktober do 13 oktober vr 14 oktober 
11:00 Open Open Open     
12:00 Open Open Open Open Open 
13:00 Open Open Open Open   
14:00 Open Open   Open   

And then these beautiful words sent in by R.V.

“Mohammed is lam mo slim”

Kind regards

Wout Pauwels

Fumarole 01 – 27/09/2022

Dear Geologists 

After three months it is that time again, the start of the new academic year. This launch is of course also accompanied by a new series of fumarools, your weekly email with all the information about Geos activities and opening hours of your favorite course service. After a year of having Bram as your weekly spammer, the bar is set high for me to do equally well in Geos’ last year. I also apologize in advance for any minor language errors that may have crept in. These can always be called on to 014 75 52 10. 

Here are the events for this week: 

Monday 26/09 15:00 Welcome day 1st Bachelor https://www.facebook.com/events/346562057616343
Yeey no classes today. Except for the 1st Bacchelor. For them a tour with various information sessions. To ensure that they also have a great day, they are invited for a drink so that they also get to know the nightlife in Leuven. 

Tuesday 27/09 19:45: City game 1st Bachelor https://www.facebook.com/events/608686480753223
The very sympathetic EJW-team has another scary city game in store for the new students. 1st Bachelor students are expected at the City Hall by 7:45 PM. Persons who would like to assist the EJW with watching the game from a terrace are always welcome. 

Thursday 29/09 21:00 Welcome Party https://www.facebook.com/events/755116838881326?ref=newsfeed
The annual moment when the earth scientists fraternize has arrived again. Everyone is welcome from 9 pm to start the new academic year with a party. Be sure to check out the Facebook event for further wardrobe information. !Caution: Geos is not responsible for permanent hearing damage after K3 songs! 

I also advertise some future activities. 

Running training Atmosphere 

After all that partying and drinking, the extra calories can be sported off again. In order to achieve this, Geos, and Atmosphere in particular, are once again organizing annual running training. Plus, you suddenly get fit to go for a few tours during the 24-hour run. The dates will be communicated via the Geos facebook page 

05/10 17:00 Stella Artois brewery visit https://www.facebook.com/events/874459637268979
The dream trip for every beer lover. A visit to the brewery that provides us with the very best, golden barley liquor during our student days. Enjoy a visit , tasting and tap course.
Registration is required via the link in the Facebook event.
(For the haters: Stella is better than Jupiler (not counting Cara)) 

Here are the opening hours of the course service for this week: 

 26/09 27/09 28/09 29/09 
12uur 1e bach Biochem&tech & Biologie & Chemie vanaf 12:30 Open Open Open 
13uur 1e bach Biochem&tech & Biologie & Chemie tot 13:30 Open Open Open 
14uur 1e bach Informatica Open Open Open 
15uur 1e Bach Geologie    
16uur 1e Bach Geografie & Fysica & Wiskunde    

Then I also share the hours of the membership ticket sales

Tuesday: 12.30pm-1.15pm, Wednesday: 12.30pm-1.30pm, Thursday: 12.30pm-1.30pm, Friday: 12.45pm-1.45pm 

and this always in the geogang. 

To conclude also this, to keep some promises, a weekly short spell:  “A diamond is a lump of coal that did well under pressure” by DJ Yolotanker (and also Henry Kissinger)

Kind regards

Wout Pauwels

New photo albums

Some new photo albums were posted on this site. Have a look at the pictures from our latest party ‘Mijnen Tijd TD‘ or from our election week which took place last week. All photo albums from this year can be found on this page. Enjoy!

If you have some pictures you desperately would like to see appear on this site, don’t hesitate to contact the webmaster with our contact form!

Updates site

Last week, the entire webteam of Geos locked itself down in a deep cave to make work of some new functions for our website:

  • This site has now the ability to send push messages! When visiting the site a pop-up wil appear asking you to give us permission to send you push messages. Please accept this, because this gives us a new tool to easily send messages to all of our users. We promise to keep the number of messages as low as possible.
  • Because we didn’t have the time nor the budget to develop a completely new Geos-app, we give you the ability to convert this site in a ‘webapp’! When you visit the website for the second time on a mobile device a pop-up will apear to ask you to add the site to your homescreen. This currently works on iOS and Android and gives you a very convenient way to access our site.
  • Our calendar also got a refresh to make sure nobody misses any upcoming event!
  • Finally all traffic between the user and our server is now completely encrypted to make sure no evil cyberanimals can see what you are doing on this site 🙂

If you have any suggestions about how to make this site any better now or in the future or something isn’t working properly, please don’t hesitate to contact the webmaster via the contact form on this site!WebteamGEOSThe entire webteam of Geos, after a long day of hard work everyone gathers around the fire to prepare some delicious meals. The webmaster can be recognised easily because he has a long beard.