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New photo albums

Some new photo albums were posted on this site. Have a look at the pictures from our latest party ‘Mijnen Tijd TD‘ or from our election week which took place last week. All photo albums from this year can be found on this page. Enjoy!

If you have some pictures you desperately would like to see appear on this site, don’t hesitate to contact the webmaster with our contact form!

Updates site

Last week, the entire webteam of Geos locked itself down in a deep cave to make work of some new functions for our website:

  • This site has now the ability to send push messages! When visiting the site a pop-up wil appear asking you to give us permission to send you push messages. Please accept this, because this gives us a new tool to easily send messages to all of our users. We promise to keep the number of messages as low as possible.
  • Because we didn’t have the time nor the budget to develop a completely new Geos-app, we give you the ability to convert this site in a ‘webapp’! When you visit the website for the second time on a mobile device a pop-up will apear to ask you to add the site to your homescreen. This currently works on iOS and Android and gives you a very convenient way to access our site.
  • Our calendar also got a refresh to make sure nobody misses any upcoming event!
  • Finally all traffic between the user and our server is now completely encrypted to make sure no evil cyberanimals can see what you are doing on this site 🙂

If you have any suggestions about how to make this site any better now or in the future or something isn’t working properly, please don’t hesitate to contact the webmaster via the contact form on this site!WebteamGEOSThe entire webteam of Geos, after a long day of hard work everyone gathers around the fire to prepare some delicious meals. The webmaster can be recognised easily because he has a long beard.

Exams wiki update

Our exams wiki recently received some upgrades and moved to a new location. The new location of the exams wiki is http://wiki.geosleuven.be/. The lay-out changed slightly, the software is up-to-date again, but most importantly the site has now a mobile lay-out. When visiting the site from a smartphone or tablet the lay-out will change automatically.

Old accounts are no longer usable and registration is required to make changes to the pages. To register a new account you have to use your KU Leuven address! When you have problems regarding the exams wiki you can always contact me, the webmaster, via the contact form on this site.