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Geos is the student association that represents future geologists at the KULeuven. A geologist is able to apply scientific thinking in many practical assignments. Due to the broad basis of scientific knowledge, a geologist can be deployed in various domains.


Geos offers various possibilities in terms of promotion for your company. We have our website, weekly student mail, Facebook page and recently also an Instagram page. In addition, we are working with Scientica to start up our own Student Career page on which it is possible to share vacancies and events of your company. Depending on the content of your message and its purpose, we provide the most suitable medium for your company.

Scientica Jobfair

In the second semester we organize the annual Scientica Jobfair together with the other scientific student organisations. This is a networking event in which students from other exact sciences get the chance to get to know the companies present. Many have in mind that they will graduate in a few months and are looking at their options after studying. This is the ideal opportunity to put your company in the spotlight.


Are you interested in working with us or do you have questions that you would like answered? Feel free to contact us via or contact our PR manager Hanne Santy on +32 474 18 36 67.