Info for the First week

First Week
During the first week we will try to help you, first years/newcomers to the KUL, find your way around Leuven. On the first day, Monday 26th of September, you will be welcomed by older students as well as a guided tour around the campus and Leuven, so best bring your bicycle if you have one. During the week there will be plenty of other activities so you can get to know your fellow students better. On Thursday 29th of September is the icing on the cake, the Welcome Party!
The following weeks there will be plenty of other activities to come. Two dates are however very important. The Peter-Meter evening on Monday 17 Oktober, where older students will be assigned to you to help give you tips and tricks about anything. The GEOS weekend is from the 21th to the 23st of Oktober with a free excursion on the 22th of Oktober. This fantastic three day weekend is the perfect opportunity to get to know the other geologists. There will even be a delicious BBQ in the waiting. Not one to miss for any new geologist!