An overview of the companies that help to keep Geos running:

Jan de Nul

Jan De Nul Group shapes both water and land.

We enable the production of offshore energy and maintain the depth of waterways. We build new ports and create extra land.We realise complex infrastructure works and erect any type of building. We tackle pollution in whatever form. For many generations already, the De Nul family invests in its people and in having its own equipment. We have a passion for business but also want to do things our way, which gives us a unique edge within the sector.

The vision, mission and values of Jan De Nul Group reflect our innovative, pioneering and socially relevant character. Driven by our widely disseminated corporate philosophy, we work together every day to build a better future. One team, one plan!

GEOS laboratories, independence as a quality label

Reliable infrastructure and sustainable construction are things that each of us counts on for the future. Geos Laboratories is working towards that future every day by testing the building materials at the base that should fulfil this ambition.

We provide services within and outside Europe with motivated people and a finger on the pulse of new high-tech developments in the construction sector.

As an independent laboratory, Geos Laboratories plays a central role in the quality control of building materials. That benefits both the producer and the end user. Our laboratories offer the most comprehensive portfolio with more than 400 accredited tests on building materials.

Our quality and independence are guaranteed by the ISO 17025 quality label for excellent laboratories. Geos Laboratories is designated as a CE Notified Body.